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bwForCluster: Overview

The bwForClusters (JUSTUS, MLS&WISO, NEMO, BinAC) are Baden-Württemberg research clusters, they are Tier-3 systems. The architecture is optimized for certain scientific communities.
Access is granted for members of Baden-Württemberg's universities. The access process ensures using the suitable cluster and enhances user support. It consists of three steps:
bwForCluster: Registration progress. Blue paper: approval of CAT, green paper: obtainment of bwForCluster entitlement.
  • Step 1: Registration at the "Central Application Site (ZAS)" in order to get the approval of the Cluster Assignment Team (CAT).
  • Step 2: Obtainment of the bwForCluster entitlement from your university.
  • Step 3: Web registration at the bwForCluster site (e.g. bwForCluster JUSTUS:
These steps are described in detail on the next pages: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.
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